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The magical world of Casa Sirena Hotel is coming to an end.

The Fun Set's Final Sunset

Casa Sirena Hotel will close on December 31, 2022.

The hotel is fully booked through the end of December.

(If rooms open up, they will be advertised on our Facebook page.)


My years on Islas Mujeres have been joyful and rewarding.

For more than a quarter of my life, it’s been impossible to imagine a happier place than my seat behind the bar. Until now. 


I have decided to pursue a life of brushes and paint, of landscapes and travel.

To change my calling card from “International Hotelier” to simply “painter”.

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I shall miss the breakfast table gossip over a plate of Huevos Enfrijoladas. 

The sunset cocktails with stimulating, worldly travelers. 

Those extravagant parties. 

The music and magic of outstanding entertainers. 

The cheerful reunions with returning guests. 

My dear family of island friends and devoted staff who have accompanied me on this amazing journey. 


And I shall surely miss drifting off to sleep with a feeling of quiet contentedness,
knowing that the world was a little bit better place after the laughter and camaraderie of "Sunset for the Fun Set" at Casa Sirena Hotel.



Steve Broin


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